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Color Trends of 2016 – Interior Design Tips & Tools For Property Owners

Posted on July 28, 2016 by admin in News

Property owners often choose neutral colors for the interiors of rental properties in order to appeal to the largest percentage of potential tenants. There’s an entire field of psychology devoted to the study and understanding of how colors can affect people. Moods and reactions to particular colors show a general prevalence among the population with reds evoking strong emotions and encouraging appetites, while blues have a calming effect and curb appetites. Greens convey a sense of health, tranquility and remind us of nature; while white gives us a sense of purity, cleanliness and can create the illusion of a larger space.

bedroom-1158264_6402016 color trends for interior design began with bold contrasts; chromatic bright colors set against dark textured tones for in-home dining, horizontal lines differentiating subtle neutral colors from darker contrasts highlighted by bright crown molding for living rooms, and natural materials with organic shapes surrounded by serene colors of greens and tans for bedrooms giving a sense of relaxing optimism.

Yet with the ongoing war, economic stress and a historic election color trends for property owners are changing. Renters are more inclined to look again for neutral colors that convey a sense of tradition, safety and comfort. Adding an accent of brightness to these neutral colors will give that sense of hope that just may make the inviting difference for your potential tenants.

Here are a few color palette tools and links to help you make the most of your next interior design paint choices:



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