John L Scott Property Management

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Are you receiving the full financial potential from your property?

We will analyze and evaluate current rentals in your area to assure you receive full rental potential and timely rental increases.

Are your tenants being screened properly?

We use a professional 4-Point screening system with 3rd party verification for placing qualified tenants, reducing tenant turnover expenses. Good tenants maintain your property and stay longer.

Do you receive a monthly and annual financial statement?

Using a proprietary accounting program, we provide accurate monthly statements and a 1099 Form at the end of the year for your accountant.

Getting late night phone calls?

We provide 24/7 emergency coverage with qualified, licensed contractors. This service protects your property and the tenant.

Rent not on time…again?

We collect the rent and take necessary actions in a timely manner to reduce your risk of loss from evictions and non-negotiable checks.

Does your property demand more time than you have?

Our staff is available to take calls and answer questions to all potential tenants. We perform periodic drive by inspections and interact with the tenant to resolve problems quickly.

Do you know more about your tenants than you want?

We allow distance from the tenants’ personal lives and issues.

Are your tenants in compliance with their Lease Agreement?

We communicate with the tenants on a professional level and have the appropriate legal forms and expertise to maintain compliance.

Does your property qualify for Section 8 Program?

Our staff is experienced and knowledgeable about Section 8. Let us show you the benefits, including subsidized rental payments.

Why are digital photos important?

Photos are taken at move in and move out to document property conditions for deposit refund. It also enables an accurate accountability for all parties.